Burglary/Housebreaking Insurance

The policy will provide indemnity for loss or damage to the insured properties resulting from theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking in or out of the premises or any attempt thereat or if there should arise any damage to the premise failing to be borne by you and which shall be due to any such theft or attempt thereat.

Subject Matter

On your various properties or properties held in trust or on commission by you or your clients/customers situate anywhere in Nigeria.


  • 5-Year Long Term Agreement Discount

This discount will be negotiated with the insurers as fully explained under the Fire policy.

  • First Loss Discount

This discount is available if the property in question was insured on a First Loss Basis i.e. where the insured feels that the bulk/total value at risk is so high that armed robbers cannot cart away more than a proportion of such value at any single operation. Note that the insured specifies the actual value at risk and the proportion of first loss he requires.

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