Group Personal Accident Insurance

This is another welfare package in addition to the above policy. This policy covers staff against accidental bodily injuries or death and the cover is usually for 24 hours. The scope of cover is extensive because staff are sure of coverage irrespective of where the accident occurred, the benefits insured would be paid in full.

Scope of Cover

The insurance will provide the under noted benefits for bodily injury sustained solely and independently or any other cause by ACCIDENTAL, VIOLENT, VISIBLE and external means resulting in death or disablement of any of the insured employees.

To enable us submit a premium quotation under Group Personal Accident Insurance, kindly supply us with the following details:

  1. List of all employees
  2. Their respective designations
  3. Their gross annual salaries.

Note: The above policies are compulsory according to the PENCOM Act 2004.

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