travel insurance

Travel Insurance

Our consortium of insurance companies offers Travel Insurance offers cover on medical, financial and other losses incurred while travelling outside the country of residence.

  • It covers all travelers for holiday and business purposes in the event of accidents, sickness or loss of property.
  • It is a full package insurance to fulfill the needs of the travelling public and immigration authorities of foreign countries.
  • It provides cover for travelers up to age of 70. It can also extend to 85 years.
  • Premium payable is a function of specific destination and duration of stay
  • It covers travelers who travel for holidays and business purposes.
  • It provides cover for emergency medical services, loss or theft of personal belongings, money, evacuation and repatriation.
  • Loss of baggage or property
  • Trip Cancellation or Curtailments
  • Delayed Departure/Missed Departure
  • Personal money loss
  • Personal Accident /¬†Liability
  • Medical Assistance: includes Expenses, Emergencies &¬†Repatriation
  • Affordable & comprehensive
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