electronic insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance

We believe that you make use of computers, fax machines, electronic typewriters, photocopiers and high-tech equipments for your operation.  We recommend that these equipments and computers should be insured under this policy, more so, when breakdown is covered whereas same is not covered under the Fire and Burglary policies.

Scope of Cover

The policy will cover loss or damage to the insured equipment from accidental causes, impact, water damage, malicious damage, damage due to negligence, carelessness, theft and damage done by thieves, fire, lightning, flood, riot and strike, aircraft.


The policy will be extended to cover electrical or mechanical breakdown.


The policy will not cover subsidence, landslide and derangement unless accompanied by damage otherwise covered, water and tear, gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions, rust, corrosion or oxidation.


If these recommendations are acceptable to you, please let us have a list of all your computers and accessories, including your electronic equipment, together with their corresponding values to enable us submit a premium quotation.

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