Fire/Extraneous Perils Insurance

The policy will provide indemnity for loss or damage to any of the properties insured resulting from fire, lighting, and the extraneous perils of tornado, flood, earthquake, explosion, riot, and strike, malicious damage, impact, aircraft damage, bursting and overflowing of water tanks , pipe and apparatus, bush fire.

Subject Matter

On your various properties or properties held in trust or on commission by you or your clients/customers situate anywhere in Nigeria.


This policy will cover all your assets, movable and immovable except Motor vehicles and Motorcycles.


  • 5-Year Long Term Agreement Discount

We will negotiate a 7.50% discount on your behalf with a promise to retain your fire policy with the same insurers for the next five-year period.   In the event of your decision to opt out of this agreement, this will be allowed subject to your reimbursing the insurers all the discounts granted from inception of the agreement but if the policy is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control, refund will be due to you.

  • Fire Extinguishing Appliance Discount

It is possible to negotiate a discount of up to 10% off your annual premiums if you have installed fire-fighting equipments recommended by the insurer’s surveyors.  This will be negotiated after installation of the fire fighting equipments but for now, we recommend the purchase of some fire extinguishers pending the insurer’s surveyor visit when a comprehensive survey will be carried out and the different types of fire fighting equipments necessary for your type of operation recommended. However, if it had been installed before now, then you are entitled to the discount depending on the extent of the installation.

  • Sprinkler Installation Discount

If an automatic sprinkler is installed in any of your buildings, a further discount of up to 40-% can be negotiated off the premium payable on the sprinkler-installed building(s)

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